Here I sit in my living room thinking about how I can NOT believe I’m about to run another marathon tomorrow. Honestly, it’s a big gamble on this old body.

I’ve not been feeling 100% for over a week now and to top it all off, I think my period is about to start (sorry, TMI) but it’s a true factor in how tomorrow will go.

More than anything, I’m kind of nervous it will just feel like forever if I take it slow. When you are going “fast” and looking for PR, it all goes by a little faster.

The good news is, the high tomorrow is 65 degrees — insane! Of course the marathon starts 7am so it will still be cool. I also still have no clue what I’m wearing, might be a morning decision.

I am excited that my sisters are here to share in this though! Lindsey is running with me and her goal tomorrow is just to negative split. She just started hardcore training for the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach in March so this is more “for fun.”

I may also be running the Shamrock though I haven’t decided if I’m going to really train for it. Cold weather doesn’t seem to agree with my running legs.

Speaking of, my sister and her husband have started a coaching business. Here’s why they know a little something about it:

Together we have completed 20+ marathons, including seven Boston Qualifying races, numerous half marathons, countless 5 and 10Ks, triathlons and one Ironman. Running and endurance sports are our love and our lifestyle and we want to share it with you.

Since Glenn’s humble beginnings as a runner he has been able to take 53 minutes off his marathon time and 27 minutes off his half marathon, with current PR’s of 2:56:22 and 1:18:33 respectively.

Lindsey has been running for well over 15 years and being a Boston Qualifier from the start, she has proven she knows what it takes to succeed with a current marathon PR of 3:24:05 and half marathon PR of 1:37:30.

You can check out their packages here.

Shelby is here for moral support 🙂 She is going to come, cheer us on and I might make her drive us home (don’t tell her!) 

Anyway, we are about to load up the car and head to Rehobath here shortly. I’m interested in running my FIRST small marathon. I’m wondering how it will compare to the bigger ones and if I will prefer it to them. I kind of doubt it but you never know. I’m going to bring my ipod “just in case” but not plan on using it during the race.

Hope these legs can handle one more in 2012!

*Check out my other 2012 marathons & half-marathons here:

Wish me luck and send me some tweets during the race tomorrow @ErickaAndersen! It starts at 7amET so hopefully I’ll be done by around 11amET 🙂

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