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Alone time is hard to come by, but your relationship with God matters! I get it and have a few secrets to share with you about how to regain a thriving faith life in the midst of motherhood. Click below to join the mailing list and receive my free resource,

Simple Faith Practices For Busy Moms

Faith burnout is real.

I’ve been there. I’ve discovered the secret to overcoming it and developing the relationship with God you crave. If you’re ready to reignite your Christian faith, you’re in the right place.

You were born with an innate desire to have a relationship with God, but it’s not always easy. Not finding the right church is hard. I’ve been there too. I’ve discovered the secret to overcoming the decision fatigue and developing the relationship with God you really crave. If you’re ready to reignite your Christian faith, and begin incorporating lasting faith habits into your family’s daily life, you’re in the right place. That’s why I wrote “Reason to Return” and host the “Worth Your Time” podcast — to bring refreshing hope, practical guidance and inspiring stories to you. This website is for you to find what you need as you dig deeper into the great things God has for you and your family.

Books & Writing

Rooted in redemption, Leaving Cloud 9: The True Story of a Life Resurrected From the Ashes of Poverty, Trauma and Mental Illness is the moving memoir of how one man’s encounter with God through is relationship with his wife (Ericka), helped him overcome the trauma and abuse of a horrific past. From darkness to light, Leaving Cloud 9 offers the incredible hope of Jesus to anyone who has suffered from abuse, trauma and more. 

Reason To Return, Why Wome Need The Church And The Church Needs Women is my new book coming in 2022 with NavPress. Stay tuned for updates and an opportunity to join my launch team.


The Worth Your Time podcast features inspiring, substantive conversations with women of faith about things that matter. Join me for interviews with leaders, speakers, authors, athletes, activists that you won’t hear on every other program. If you want to spark your faith and find hope in the mess of motherhood and chaos of life, this is the podcast for you. Get to know intriguing women doing important, fascinating work and what drives them to make the world better and draw people to the Lord.​

Especially for moms

Raising kids with a strong faith foundation is one of the most important things you’ll do as a mom. The great thing is, you can learn and grow with them. Join my mailing list to get your copy of the Gospel Kids 101 Guide for a list of ideas and resources to get started with your kids.

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