Joni Earekson Tada is a name I’ve known for most of my life. I remember her book sitting on a bookshelf in my childhood church, her story of becoming a quadrapilegic at 17 years old after a diving accident. And yet, in the midst of this personal tragedy, she reached out to God and He has worked through her life in the most incredible ways.

Joni Earekson Tada’s New Children’s Book

When I saw her new children’s book, The Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party Storybook, I knew I had to ask if I could interview her. I am so thankful she said yes and gave me her precious time for this interview.

Here, we talk about what it was like right after her accident, how she felt and how God moved in her life over time. We talk about her amazing ministry, Joni and Friends, which provides wheelchairs & ministry to people who are disabled across the world. She reveals how she stays joyful in chronic pain and what heaven really means to her.

It was truly an honor to chat with this amazing woman of God. I learned so much about how to handle suffering, even the little bit I have in my own life. I encourage to take the 25 minutes of this episode and listen closely. God will speak to you too, I’m sure of it!

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