Dr. Christina Francis is the Chairman of the Board of the American Association of Pro-Life OB-GYNs. I spoke with her for a story, but her answers were so incredible that I just had to deliver this interview as a podcast episode as well. Don’t miss her work here!

In this episode, Dr. Francis answers questions about her reaction to Roe v. Wade possibly being overturned, and speaks to some of the myths that have been circulating since the news came out. We speak about: ‘

  • Could ectopic pregnancies and miscarriage somehow be criminalized? How is medical treatment different than abortion?
  • The dangers of the abortion pill and self-managed abortions at home (complications are 4x higher and she speaks to this.)
  • The abortion pill reversal program (they’ve seen over 3,000 babies delivered to women who changed their minds after taking their first abortion pill)
  • The truth behind 2nd & 3rd trimester abortions
  • How often do fetal anomalies make it “necessary” to have an abortion?
  • How does abortion harm women in ways beyond the actual procedure?

Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists Exist

This is not easy subject matter, but I hope it’s clear from this conversation that those of us who are pro-life are genuine and compassionate about our care for both women and children. Dr. Francis does an incredible job clarifying some information that I think gets clouded in media circles. I hope you’ll consider what she has to say!

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