I’ve been debating on joining a gym for months. Ever since I started with these back issues, I knew I should join the L.A. Fitness across the street so I could go swimming. I’ve been swimming hold out for two reasons:

  • It seems like a hassle and goggles give me raccoon eyes
  • I pretty much refuse to share a lane with anyone because I’m afraid of accidentally hitting them with my freestyle (very FREE-style) like moves in the pool. Plus, I feel like I will be annoying and don’t want to risk that.

However, that’s all in the past because I took the plunge, got a membership and I started yesterday. The gym also has yoga, cycling and water aerobics classes — all of which I’m going to participate! It opens at 5am and is very close to home so this week is the beginning of my new recovery. I got started with a swim (and yoga!) yesterday:


Physical Therapy at Solutions

I began physical therapy at Solutions in Alexandria, VA last week. I really liked my PT and the place had a nice atmosphere. I word vomited all of my issues, hopes and fears to her and I’m sure sounded a little desperate — HELP ME!

I’ll be going twice a week and completing exercises on my own daily. I am going to make this work, I swear.


My friend Rebeccah (that’s us after the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon!) actually gave me a lot of hope. She was injured last year and was out for months with more severe back injuries than I (she was actually injured through an accident, not genetics or workout malfunction.)

She told me about her  dedication to recovery, being extremely diligent and swimming, swimming, swimming every day. She was told she needed surgery by multiple people but chose to go this route. Now? She’s recovered and back to training for the Boston Marathon and a Triathlon. It can be done folks!

Psst — Do you like my brand new Mizuno Running shoes? These are SO lightweight, love them!


Core Power Challenge Day #1

It’s that time friends! I’m so excited you are all on this awesome 30-day journey with me! The Core exercises provided here each day are meant to supplement your regular workout schedule. By no means will doing a few minutes of core work alone each day get you everything you need. But we so often neglect our core due to time restraints or in favor of cardio. Let’s do it!

Without further ado, your Core Power Challenge for Day #1:

  • Elbow planks: Hold three elbow planks for 30 seconds each (break a 30 seconds to 1 min. in between)
  • elblowplankSide plank dips: Hold an elbow side plank and complete 10 side dips on each side. Repeat once on each side.
  • Bicycle cruches: Complete 50 bicycle crunches (Optional: repeat)
    bicycle crunches

DON’T FORGET: Once you’ve completed today’s challenge, document it with a tweet and/or instagram post with the hashtag #CoreCommit. Save your links so at the end you can be entered to win a fabulous prize from Lululemon or Fabletics!

#BestFoot Workout Link Up

As I mentioned last week, I’ll be participating on Mondays with Run to the Finish and The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail for a weekly link karma workout recap. I think it’s a great way to stay accountable! Here is my workout review from last week:

Monday: Walk 3 miles, core work
Wednesday: TRAVEL
Thursday: 30 min. yoga, core work, stretching
Friday: 2 mile walk, 20 min. elliptical, 15 min. bike
Saturday: 5 mile walk
Sunday: Yoga, 30 min. swimming

How did you do this week? Link up below to share your latest workout recap post and get some link love! Let’s do this:

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