Workout: 8 mile trail walk/run
                100 push-ups

After I did a review on my new mini-Camelbak, I heard from the company themselves. How awesome is that? They asked if I wanted to try one of their new products — the Camelbak Marathoner Vest. Obviously, I said yes right away and was really excited to check this thing out.

I didn’t know what to expect really, I was thinking — how do I run with a vest? But of course it’s not really a vest. It’s basically a hyper-version of the normal Camelbak. For people training for long distances, it stores more water and holds more items.

I loved that I could stick my phone in an easy, snug pocket right by my shoulder for quick grabbing. As a blogger, I always take photos on my runs so easy access to the phone is really important. The pocket is a great spot for snacks or an iPod if you didn’t want the sweaty thing stuck to your arm (I never do!)

Additionally, the water hose has two places to snap into place while you are running so it’s not flailing around everywhere. There’s plenty of space in the back to store an extra shirt, food, phone, keys or anything else you might need to take with you. If you were ultra training and going a long distance without a water stop, you could even store an extra bottle of water.

Pockets on both sides and you can see here where the hose clicks in. 

The fit was snug and perfect just like my other one. This seems like an essential piece of equipment for long distance runners training in places with few water stops. Or those hiking long distances. Oddly enough, it’s hard to find water stops on the trails around the DC area. I don’t understand WHY the Mt. Vernon trail has no water fountains but it must be some city regulation. Grrr!

Anyway, I actually did more walking on this day and had plenty of water. I also did 100 push-ups during my 8 mile hike. Every little bit I’d drop and do 10. The little added weight of the water I’m sure didn’t make it any easier!

While my back did get sweaty –– what do you expect? That’s part of the price you pay for marathon training in the summertime. Overall, I much prefer a Camelbak to carrying a water belt. However, Camelbak also sent me their new hydration belt and I’m curious to see if it’s any better than the generic one I’ve been using for years. I’m guessing it is 🙂

It was a beautiful day outside — perfect temperature and wind so we took a few pix down by the Alexandria Harbor as well.

Did you do any running this weekend in the beautiful weather (if it was where you are?!) What do you prefer — running backpack, hydration belt or hand held? 
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