Um, yeah, remember THIS? Fabulous day!

So….it’s been quite some time since I blogged about long runs and training and nerves and how wonderfully awesome running makes me feel — bragging about all my 20-milers (come on, you gotta!).

I admit, I considered not signing up for a marathon this year (thought the same thing last year.) Why? Training. And Crossfit. I don’t want to cut back on crossfit and I will not be able to fit in 50-mile weeks like I did last year — not with my commitment to Back on My Feet and keeping up with crossfit and and my job and this blog and everything else that happens in life.

But I’ll DIE Without Crossfit! 

Ehh, okay, a tad dramatic. But — I’m NOT quitting crossfit. Yes, I know about crossfit endurance — and it confuses the hell out of me. I’ve yet to find anyone who can actually present me with a CFE  marathon training plan — one that’s already written out I can follow. ANYONE?

*—-> After writing this post, I attended a clinic that discussed the principles of CFE training and I will share that with you on Thursday! <---- i="">

So I’ve decided to go with the Richmond Marathon. It’s only 2 hours away and I’ve heard it’s a great one. I tried signing for Marine Corps again but I got lost in the computer debacle and was not able to register. I think I’m kind of over MCM right now, after doing it three years in a row. No doubt I will want to do it again someday but changing it up will be good. AND — I can finally be a spectator!

Technically, my training for this marathon should begin two weeks ago now but I don’t think I’ll get hardcore about it until August. I’m not going to obsess over mileage or tempo or anything like that. I’m going to get in at least two 20-milers for training and that is a major part of it.

The medals are worth it!!!!! 🙂

Now that I’m used to 45-minute workouts, 2-3 hour runs sounds nearly impossible. I know they aren’t but…I tried making myself get up at 5 yesterday morning for a long run and it was just…not happening. I know, — it’s habit and discipline — I’ve done this before!

Stay tuned for Thursday’s post on pose running and how I’m gonna use it to train. Also — will have more running posts in the near future for all you runner lovers out there!

What fall marathons or half-marathons are you doing? Do you get intimidated by the months of training required? Has another sport or activity ever kept you from making the full commitment? 
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