I should have known this would happen but…at least I’m stopping now instead of two months from now! Like in 2011, I finished 2012 on a running high! So much fun and success and joy in my running life this year. I’m always ready to tackle another marathon.

That is….until my body says, no thank you, m’am! Let’s be honest, I had basically no breather and I was already starting a new training plan. I wanted to help Glenn and Lindsey test their methods and the thought of training for a 3:45 marathon sounded glorious.

Then, the knee. Somehow I went through and entire summer and fall of marathon training and running without a single injury, pain or problem. Nada. It was amazing! But I guess after 3 marathons in six weeks and six months of nonstop running, this body said, MERCY!

After running 12 miles on a sore knee on Monday, it was shot on Tuesday when I attempted 7 treadmill miles. Something was really wrong and that’s when I decided I needed a break. That 3:45 will have to wait until fall!

I’ll see you October 3:45 pace group.

Naa, it’s fine. It’ll be fine. But I was starting to feel a little burnt out. Long runs in the cold or on the treadmill aren’t my favorite — though occasionally they are okay. I just think I’m a summer training person. I also know my legs have lost a lot of muscle. It’s good to take a break because:

  • My body can rest and restore itself
  • I can focus on other important things in my life, like restarting my daily devotions and spending time writing so that maybe one day I actually can write a book
  • I can have time to miss the action I love so much
  • Not feel bad about sleeping in on a cold morning
  • Can focus on eating better and controlling my portions instead of relying in running
  • Maintain a balanced approach to life overall
  • Learning to be okay with gaining a few pounds in the winter

I still believe the reason I was able to train without injury or pain is due to the strength I gained from Crossfit. My legs had never done that kind of work and I had an amazing base when I began training.

SO tempting to sign back up. SO not-tempting when I think about the $1200 it costs for six months. Ahh I want to go back so badly but I’m going to hold off for now. Try some things, see how crazy I get. Now that I’m saving for this non-wedding/vacation, seems like a bad idea.

I’ve been better about doing at-home WOD’s, mixing it up at the little apartment gym we have and keeping up with core exercises. I would like to look decent in a bikini but I don’t want to start obsessing over it. I’ll be in the Dominican Republic next month for a wedding so my head is kind of in that arena.

I’m feeling discouraged/anxious because I know I’ve gained weight in the past couple of months. I have real trouble saying no to eating too many calories — and when my exercise is down — it’s not exactly a good combo. I’m trying to “let it be” since it IS January and freezing outside.

Also, apparently planning a non-wedding/vacation is more stress than you’d think. Still debating on if I will share the details/frustrations with you all or not…let’s just put it this way, I hate money right now. Even when you are trying to be as frugal as possible, you still spend a lot. Sigh.


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