So what’s going on with me and running? Now that I’ve been seriously running for about three years, I’ve learned a bit about myself and the seasons. Namely, I’m a fall marathon type of girl.

Each year, I say I’m going to try a spring marathon and so far, I’ve failed every year. As much as I want to check a spring marathon off the list, my body, mind and spirit are uncooperative.

I even tried buying some cool new workout pants for motivation! And you guys are gonna kill me but I cannot remember what brand these are! I cut out the tags and spaced the store because it was at an outlet mall! That being said, Sports Authority is stocked on some brands offering patterned pants these days — which I’m loving!

Those are Brooks running shoes — which I don’t use for running, only cross training. They make me feel like I’m running on pancakes.

Does anyone else ever get on the treadmill, start running and think to yourself — how in God’s name have I ever run more than a mile on one of these? Last week, I was running on the treadmill in my work gym and I seriously thought I would die before I hit 1 mile. You’d never have known this girl runs marathons!

[“Runners World” has a great piece on treadmill running this month but I can’t find it online! That being said, the key to treadmill runs is lots of variation. Here’s a few ideas.]

That’s kind of how a lot of my runs feel in the winter (despite that awesome benefits of winter running!). So I just accept that I won’t be running a spring marathon. I had planned on the Shamrock Marathon but Lindsey backed out on that one so whew, saved myself a couple hundred bucks at least!

I’m signed up for the DC Rock n’ Roll Marathon on March 16th. There is always a temptation to do the whole thing — even though I will definitely not be prepared. I think I’m going to get in at least one 20-miler (assuming my knee doesn’t act up) three weeks before and maybe just go for it.

I’ve not run at all in about a week, hoping that by taking a break and adding squats, lunges and core work, things will be better once I start up again. We’ll see. Speaking of all that jazz here’s today’s WOD, from the Traveling WOD:

I change the handstand to a plank if other people are in my work gym — they look at me funny 🙂

There’s also the possibility of heading to Nashville in April but…not sure I’m gonna have the extra cash for that either. We would drive and I want to go SO much (talk about my perfect marathon — country music and running?) but…of course we are saving for that little honeymoon and it’s probably best to stay local.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling good lately because of the total body types of exercises I’ve been incorporating even when I don’t always want to. I’ve managed to actually have a little self-control regarding my diet as well, which is a welcome development. I feel like whenever I don’t “overeat” at dinner, I wake up hungry in the middle of the night, which is annoying. Either way, I know I just need to make a HABIT of a hard stop after dinner. Night is SO hard for me. I just want to keep chewing.

In other news, the amazing Reebok & Bose Headphones saw my terrible dilemma (I cut my brand new Bose headphones when opening the package) and….they sent me a new pair! I was SO sad when I broke them because their sound quality is amazing. YAY!

It has been crazy warm here in the DC-area lately. Yesterday, I walked to the metro and it was close to 70 degress — WHAT? Insane! Since it’s January and I’m not pushing myself as much physically, I’ve been attempting to alternate my mornings working out with writing and reading.

I’m working on a little book project — and also like to make time to read the Bible and pray, something I’ve really been neglecting when it should be the most important thing in my life. Starting off the year reading “Love Does” by Bob Goff (who I will be interviewing soon for a post!) was exactly what I needed to get be re-focused.  When in doubt, I’ve just been going back to love, because…:

FREE: Simple Faith Practices for Busy MomsYes, please!