I’m pretty sure I had just asked the girl beside me — “Did we pass mile 23 yet?” Crystal City is brutal!

A fallen Marine Corps Marathon photo (thanks to a Facebook friend who was snapping pix during the race and found it in his selection yesterday!)

I will never forget the day I broke 4 hours in the marathon because I worked so long for it! Hopefully it is followed by breaking 3:45 very shortly though 🙂

It’s also a good pic for today because…it’s kind of main in this….AWESOME feature I scored in “Women’s Running” magazine! How exciting 🙂 I am the “Blogger on the Run” and was featured as the main story on the front page of the magazine yesterday:

If you click HERE, you can read my full interview! I was so honored to be a part of this feature and actually recently subscribed so I can’t wait to start reading “Women’s Running” monthly as well.

*If you leave a comment on the article, you can win a FREE subscription to the mag! 

With all the upcoming treadmill runs I will have to train for Shamrock, I’ll no doubt need to stock up on mags!

Speaking of which — Glenn & Lindsey are writing me a customized training plan to break 3:45 at my Spring Marathon. I’m planning to run Shamrock in March and have a back up of the Carmel Marathon in Indiana in April.

I’m a little scared because winter running has never been my thing. But…since I have decided I cannot face paying $200/month for Crossfit, I’m going to stay focused on running and intersperse some “Traveling WODs” here and there into my training.

Last year’s Love the Run You’re With 5k was literally like 0 degrees. Torture!!

I am much more inclined to winter running these days than I used to be. I actually LOVE that fresh, cold air in my lungs. I know I’ll be doing a lot more of it so I’m hoping my lovely readers can help out with some tips.

Does anyone do a lot of cold weather running? Can you send a few tips my way? I might do a compilation if I get enough — might as well spread the love!

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