So only the really crazy folks try doing races less than a week after a marathon right?

Well, there’s NO WAY I would ever try doing a full marathon a week after but a half? That seemed do-able.

Plus, it was a faux-half. Let me explain.

Originally I planned to run 8 easy miles this weekend. Then, my friend Tiffany approached me with a dilemma.

She was scheduled to run the Savannah Rock n’ Roll Half-Marathon on Saturday. Long story short, because she didn’t come up with all the funds for her cause, her registration was cancelled a few days before the race. Even though she raised over $2,000 for the American Cancer Society, it was not enough to meet her ACS minimum goal of $2,900. 

Additionally, she had an expensive hotel and a less than ideal travel situation — and getting to the race, running it in Savannah, etc. would have been more money and hassle than anything, especially if she had to run it bandit!

So, what’s  girl to do? She did not want to disappoint those who had supported her fundraiser — or even those members of the ACS team she had connected with during this event. Of course, all the money was still going to ACS but what about the running? That mattered.

She wanted to run that 13.1 miles. But, with minimal training, she was worried. I almost immediately offered to run it with her.

I knew it would be hard for me running on tired legs but I also knew it would mean a lot to her and that she was feeling really upset about not being able to go to Savannah. A faux-half? I’m in!

She picked me up at 8:30am and we drove to Georgetown to begin. It was COLD but I strapped on my new Mizuno Ronin 4 Racing Shoes, Mizuno long sleeve running top, Target capris and generic gloves.

I told Tiff music was not allowed if she was running with me! I hate running with people when they are listening to music — might as well be alone, right?

We made our way through DC, slowly warming up. It was a beautiful, if cloudy, day and the awesome running through trees and past the water. As always, DC did not dissapoint.

After a long, exhausting 13 miles, we met up with Tiffany’s fiance at the “finish line” where he stood with a homemade poster (so cute!).

During the run, I got to thinking about the upcoming Philly Marathon. With tired legs trudging along, I thought — do I really want to do this thing?

If I really take it easy the next two weeks, I think my legs will be fine for the marathon. The question really is — why am I doing it? If I was going with friends for a fun time, there would be no question. But, now it’s more about me checking another marathon off my list.

Having reached my time goal for the year, Philly just doesn’t seem as important. The main controversy in my mind boils down to money. Do I want to spend $400+ or not? My entry will be lost but the hotel room for ONE night is $350 plus parking and any food I buy while there. Oh, first world problems.

And so, another weekend of running — which I wouldn’t have any other way. I came home famished and devoured some leftover pizza. The great thing about a half is that I actually love eating afterward. After a full marathon, I always feel kind of sick and don’t really enjoy my food!

Tiffany went home pretty sore but glad she had completed her goal and raised money for cancer research. It was great time to spend with her — she’s got a very busy life — wedding planning, law school, full time work!

Sorry we couldn’t be there Savannah, but we were there in spirit 🙂

QUESTION: Have you ever done a faux-race? Have you ever signed up to fundraise and not met your goal? What happened?
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