Saturday was an amazing day. Aside from the fact that I was full of anticipation and excitement about running the marathon the next day, I also got to do something with the other sport I love: crossfit.

A couple of months ago, Amy invited me to buy tickets to a special WOD at Ballston Crossfit, where Crossfit Games Champion Rich Froning would be working out with us. How could I say no?!

Crossfit as a whole does a tremendous job supporting our troops, as well as wounded service members when they return. I love the interaction and support for the most honorable members of our country. And today was no different.

Today’s special event went to raise money for No Great Sacrifice, an organization that exists to help education the children of services members killed overseas.  I didn’t even realize that the event was connected to the organization before I went but I was so glad when I heard. We each paid $22 to attend and it made me happy to know my money would go towards such a great cause. 

We arrived to a lot of people just buzzing with positive energy. That is one thing I love about Crossfit — the positivity, the energy, the pure delight in doing this sport. Our WOD was at 3pm and I was SO sad I had to opt out. I was running the Marine Corps Marathon the next day and did not want to risk any unnecessary soreness!

But…just being there was good enough for me. While Amy did the WOD, I snapped photos and just relished in the joy of Crossfit. I also practiced a few moves — yep, confirmed, I still can’t do a handstand push-up 🙂

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I loved seeing another box. The Ballston Crossfit box is smaller but newer than Trident Crossfit, where I go. However, I realized I kind of like the more vintagy feel of my box. Either way, they had lots of nice stuff.

There were several WODs scheduled for the day and Rich Froning was set to do the 3:30pm WOD with the group. Obviously, that one filled up pretty darn quickly! He seemed fairly quiet and humble. I had gone to shake his hand before it began and he seemed like a nice guy.  Check out part of Rich’s WOD that I caught on video:

It was really cool to see the Crossfit champion bang out those pull ups! I have watched so many videos of him and Annie T. — just in awe of their physical dedication and discipline!

Also cool? Seeing wounded service members get down with the WOD. There were several guys there — I believe representing the charity — who participated in the work outs. It is always so cool to see this and I’m have so much honor and respect for those who have fought and sacrificed for our country.

After the spending part of the day around Crossfitters, all I could think about is how much I can’t wait to get back into doing it! As you know, I took a break for a bit in order to focus on marathon training. 

I have at least one more marathon to go (and possibly an ultra!!) and plan to get started with Crossfit again in January. I won’t lie, I do not miss spending the $180/month it costs to do this — but I do miss the workouts, the people, and the inspiration I get from this unique sport!

A few more scenes from the day:

Rich Froning push ups, Amy & I hanging around, me doing kettle bell swings, Rich Froning pull ups.

All that being said, it was a great day! I’m so glad Amy invited me to go and also feel very lucky I live in a city where there constant opportunities to meet cool people and experience awesome things.

All in all, this was one of the best weekends, considering I got that negative split PR sub-4 crazy awesome marathon going on! 🙂

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