Hi everyone! I know so many of you were anxiously awaiting to see who won the Mizuno Running Shoes Give Away! I have 10 winners — randomly chosen — and trust me, I wish I could have let you all win these things!

If your name is on the list, you’ll have 48 hours to claim your win. A few folks did not have contact info in their comments so I can’t locate them any other way. If you don’t claim within 48 hours, your win will go to someone who was not yet selected.

**If you are on the list, please email me at ericka.andersen@gmail.com. I will then be delivering your contact information to Mizuno, who will take over from there on getting you our FREE shoes!

They have so many! I just received the Ronin 4 racing shoes — very minimal and which I plan to wear in the Philadelphia Marathon coming up in three weeks.  I just ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Wave Rider 15s. Without further ado….

Mizuno Winners

To be sure, no you did NOT have to have a blog to enter...it just seems a lot of bloggers ended up winning. I had a blast connecting with new folks and I hope that I have gained a few new readers as well! Sometimes it’s hard to find the blogs that work for you but I know this contest introduced me to a few fun newbies, including some of you on the winners list!


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