Pre-marathon — I was inspired in training last year from reading so many great running blogs!

I’m pumped! Why? Because today I go to FITBLOGGIN’! I’ve been hearing about this thing all year and finally, it’s arrived.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been reading your blogs, cheering you on in your success, sending encouragement when you were stressed, getting excited for your ultramarathons and birthdays and long runs gone amazing! The blogs I read have become part of my life, in a good way.

The truth is, the blogging community has given so much back to me and I’ve been inspired by so many of the men and women I’ve met online. A few of those have turned into “real life” meetings and this weekend, it will be a lot more.

Love love love running with friends and blends 🙂

The best part is I get to go to Fitbloggin’ sponsored by one of my all-time favorite brands ever — Mizuno Running. They’ve been amazing to me from the beginning and it all started because I fell in love with a shoe. When it comes to running, Mizuno is my main squeeze and you can’t take that away from me 🙂

These were the pair that did me in: 

Then there, were these, which I rocked for the SunTrust Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon earlier this year:

Then things got crazy when I went all minimal after reading “Born to Run” and I picked up a pair of Mizuno’s barest shoes, the Universals:

And NOW…??!!! I’m am ultra pumped to try on the latest pair provided to me by Mizuno. I have literally run the you know what out of my other pairs. I guess that’s what happens when you ar training for a marathon…:) Here they are:

I know I just got the shoes above but I’m still looking forward to trying out the ultra new Wave Rider 16s. This video talks about how lightweight they are, while still providing all the support a runner needs. That’s really what I loved about my first pair of Mizunos and these sound perfect for me.

I remember so many pairs of running shoes in the past that just felt so clunky. Mizuno has truly solved that issue. Check out this vid and you’ll want some too:

I’ll be wearing all kinds of Mizuno apparel this weekend so if you will be there, be sure to check it out. I love their work out clothes and don’t think enough people are clued into the brand for clothes, as well as shoes.

I’m really pumped to try out my short shorts (spandex baby!) for the long run I’m doing early Saturday morning with a group. If you will be at Fitbloggin’ and are interested in running with us, please shoot me a message and we can coordinate. I know I’m doing 14 with a couple other ladies but I’m sure there are folks going for less. Training doesn’t stop even when you are out of town!

QUESTION: Are you going to be at Fitbloggin’? Are you a shoe brand loyalist? If so, tell me about it!

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