Oh silly rhyming. Had to say something to get your attention. Well, everyone — THANK YOU for taking the time to enter the Mizuno Mezamashii Project Giveaway. I was utterly overjoyed when Mizuno presented me with this opportunity and super excited to reveal the winners.

I’ve been wearing the shoes I got from the project for weeks now — and I love feeling like as air in my Mizuno Universe 4 minimals. I wasn’t super keen on them for long runs but am really enjoying them for Crossfit. They came at the perfect time  because I was debating on buying shoes just for that. Luckily, Mizuno to the rescue:

Mezamashii Project Winners

1. Bethany Burroughs — All of My Words

2. Jeffery Lammars — @FireRunner2379

3. Hope Epton — SportyMomme

4. Mindy Bobe — Road Runner Girl 

5. Amanda — Running on Waffles

6. Sheena — Sheena Bean

7. Tania — Midnight Blue Says 

8. Michael Given — mgivengo

9. Amanda Jones — The Adventures of Mommyhood

10. Regina Faura — Life’s Run

WINNERS: Please email me at ericka.andersen@gmail.com ASAP so I have your email address to deliver to Mizuno. You will then receive in invite with instructions for getting your FREE shoes! *If I do not hear from you by 5pmET today I will have to choose someone else!

*I was confused and didn’t realize the contest was ending on July 15th so you will have to order your shoes ASAP once the invite comes in!!*

That being said, through your comments, I have discovered some new blogs and totally enjoyed hearing about all your BRILLIANT RUNS! At a time when I’ve been feeling a teensy bit burnt out, that revs me up. Oh running, my love 🙂

Decked out in Mizuno for the DC Rock n Roll Half Marathon:

Actually the ones I have on in this photos are almost done for so I’m going to need some long-run shoes again soon. Too bad I can’t win my own contest 🙂

Thanks for participating all and hope you’ll keep visiting The Sweet Life.

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