Saw this and thought it was funny 🙂 Obviously I will never clean press in a bikini! I’ve been frustrated by the lack of results I’ve seen from Crossfit. I thought my arms would be better defined by now.

Rick says if I want that, I will need to do curls and other similar exercises at least 2x/week in addition to Crossfit if I really want to see that arm definition.

I am gonna try to incorporate that. This morning was a fantastical workout, though. Not surprisingly, I’m not a really big fan of the strength-focused workouts. So when I see rounds of high intensity cardio-ish exercises, I get pretty excited.

And my butt is going to be paying for my awesome wall balls tomorrow. One of the instructors — she is like 100% muscle — told me I was doing them perfectly. That means I was almost touch the ground with my butt on every squat and jumping up to throw the ball. Tomorrow’s run is going to be interesting.


Today’s workout

Warm up: 800M run, 10 tuck jumps, 25 air squats, 5 boot strap squats
Four rounds: 100ft sandbag lunges
                       30 double unders
                       20 wall balls
                       10 hand stand pushups (modified)

I was feeling good this morning after a solid night of sleep and a cup of coffee. It was hard but I had the positive thoughts going in my head – it’s only for a short time, get the most out of this now, you’ve got this. Whew!

And…so far, no air conditioning at Trident and it’s humid as crap right now. I was sweating to death but you know me…I heart sweat! 🙂

Thanks for all your wonderful feedback from my post on “Born to Run.” I loved all the new visitors that came over from the Runners World Forum and the Daily Mile. I hope you guys will keep coming back! As I gear up for marathon training, there will be a lot more run-focused posts coming up.

What did I learn? Not everyone who read the book bought into the barefoot thing. Many are skeptical, calling it a “fad” people run to when something else isn’t right. However, the majority of feedback did prove that most people tried more minimalist shoes with success after reading it.

A lot of folks said the book treated Nike unfairly, which I can understand. My friend Shannyn mentioned how crazy it was that Jenn & Billy especially would get up and run crazy miles after a night of drinking. I admit, when they were drinking before the night BEFORE the big Cooper Canyon race, I was like….seriously? I have had a beer before a race but now, I just say what’s the point? Might as well just say no and save it for later.

Next up? This: 

Ultra marathon KING Scott Jurek (also featured in Born to Run) has a book out. And I mean, a called book called “Eat & Run”? That’s so up my ally.

Apparently, Scott is going to be in Arlington for a book signing I was invited to next month but…it’s when I’m in Africa so I can’t go. Totally bummed to miss (of course this trip is way more important!). But, seriously, it would be so cool to meet him! Another time I suppose 🙂

Scott Jurek on the run!

Do you follow any runners on a regular basis? Just curious!

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