Oh yeah, I forgot to share this you a couple of weeks ago. A very belated “you are awesome” to Suntrust for putting on such an organized, non-chaotic event (unlike some people.) I arrived on Friday after work expecting it to be a complete cluster and was delighted to find no line to get in and well-laid out expo and easy retrieval of bags, t-shirts and more.

PLUS, they had awesome dry-fit t-shirts with nice, dark gem colors. Since I started wearing “real runner” clothes, I can’t go back to the old cotton stuff that used to suffice. It was just a year or two ago that I wondered how people could have so many different running clothes. Um, I get it now. I’d really rather buy the perfect, non-chafe shorts and comfy compression socks than another shirt for work or going out.


And…considering buying some Vibrams. I’ve seen several people wearing them at Crossfit and I asked a girl if she preferred them for class. She said they can be a hazard with box jumps and jump roping but otherwise great for lifting to keep everything as flat as possible. Anyone out there have Vibrams? What do you think? 

Saying Thanks

I want to thank you all for your kind responses to “When is Enough Enough?” the other day. I was definitely having a rough time. I ended up getting sick yesterday and taking a day off. I didn’t work out for two days — one because I was sick but two because I did NOT like the obsessive feeling that I was getting.Needed to remind myself of something:

Taking time off and re-assessing was healthy for me. I made a decision: on days I go to Crossfit, I’m going to just use my jogging there and back (about 1.7 miles total) as the extra. I will go to the 6am class instead of 5:15am because it stresses me out to wake up before 5. I will work hard in class and not worry about it. I have four other days of the week to do more cardio. So it’s settled! I have to learn to stop relying on extra cardio to burn off my bad decisions. I just need to make better decisions and it will all balance out. All of your advice was really encouraging. Thanks especially to Carly, Heather, Jonathan, Holly, and more. You guys area amazing!


Wow, you guys rocked my socks with all your book suggestions yesterday. I’m pumped to start downloading! Thank you so much for throwing them out there. I will probably read every single one because that’s how I roll. I got three suggestions for “Firefly Lane” by Kristin Hannah so that will be first on the list (once I finish the three I’m currently reading!) I’m glad so many of you were interested in reading “Appetites” by Caroline Knapp as well. I hope you’ll let me know what you think when you are done!

Back On My Feet Updates

Last week, we celebrated the 2nd birthday of Back on My Feet DC! You know how I love the BOMF crew and tonight we are having a picnic after work. But, I’m still trying to help sell tickets to the Back on My Feet Blue & Green Birthday Bash coming up on Thursday, April 12th! You still have time — just click HERE to purchase and get details. You might even get to see a video interview montage featuring yours truly! 🙂

A few members of Team Clean & Sober Streets at the birthday run.

I’m getting ready to take on a new leadership role with Back On My Feet as a team leader, which means I run morning practices and really  become the familiar face that residents know. I had to take it on with the stipulation that I can only do two mornings a week plus extra cirriculars like socials, ceremonies, etc. I’m nervous to make the commitment but I wholeheartedly love this group and I know it’s the right thing to do. One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life.


1) Have you had Vibrams? What do you think? Yeah or Nay?

2) If you missed yesterday’s post, what are your favorite books?

3) Have I convinced you how awesome Back on My Feet is yet? You can get started today if you live in Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, DC, NYC, Indianapolis, Philly or Baltimore!

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