For five years I’ve heard people RAVE about Fogo De Chao.
  I heard you shouldn’t eat all day and that the piles of meat are neverending. Of course all day I was focused on not eating much and keeping my stomach empty for this meat fest that was coming. To be honest, the whole thing had my head in a spin because I was getting overly concerned with all the calories I’d be consuming — but that’s another blog post for another day.

At Fogo, each person is given a circular cardboard with red on one side and green on the other. When the meat starts coming, they will deliver until you turn your card to red. Green means go. Read means stop.

Of course I wanted to try every one of the 15 meats offered — but I couldn’t really distinguish between what I was eating so I just kept saying “yes.” There were a few that I really liked — they tended to be the thinner and more seasoned meats. Of course, I asked for everything rare 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and oh — did I mention it was a birthday dinner for multiple people as well? I’m one of them! My birthday is this Saturday…so they gave us each our little big slice of cake!

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