Technically, you could make this with only three ingredients: Pita bread, cheese and tomato sauce. Boom, delicious. If you have anything extra though, go for it.

I had the idea to make mini-pizzas on pita bread the other day so I went for it. I had run out out shredded cheese so I ended up using cheddar slices and parmesan and it worked. Improvise! I had leftover tomato and basil sauce from my eggplant parmesan so I spread it across and added a layer of cheddar. I filled the pies with pepperoni and a layer of parmesan. For two of them, I also added thinly sliced potatoes and pineapple. After baking for about 20 minutes, they were golden delicious!

This easy. quick. cheap. What more can you ask for in the middle of a busy work week? Wondering about the potatoes? My favorite pizza back home is from Pizza Express — where they have a pizza called the cream n’ crimson with potatoes, bacon and several kinds of cheese. It’s my ultimate favorite! Luckily, my dinner companion liked the potatoes too!

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