When I first heard about Katy Faust’s organization, Them Before Us, I was intrigued. Childrens’ rights? Aren’t those built in? You would think so, but it’s not truly the case in modern society.

Them Before Us is a global movement defending children’s right to their mother and father. What does this mean though? It means that in all things — from divorce to abortion to surrogacy to remarriage and more — children deserve to be put first.

As Katy deftly educates in her book, children who grow up in a family with married, biological parents fare the very best in all life circumstances. There are always outliers, but statistical majorities show this is true.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How no-fault divorce led to horrible outcomes for children
  • How surrogacy & egg/sperm donation leave children with a primal trauma wound from birth
  • How children are harmed when there is either no father or no mother in the home
  • How the most dangerous person for a child is an unrelated family member living in the home (ie. mom’s boyfriend)
  • What it would mean to truly put children FIRST instead of leading with adult sympathy and desires above all.

This is an important and fascinating conversation. I loved talking with Katy and share her heart for childrens’ rights.

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