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Anne Wilson is beautiful inside and out. The singer and songwriter from Kentucky has seen some of her songs rise to popularity quickly and her ability to create meaningful melody and lyrics are one-of-a-kind.

I found her by accident, searching for songs about the Church. That’s when I stumbled upon her song, “Sunday Sermons.” I liked it so much, I decided to listen to her whole album on Pandora. Then, I was hooked! I rarely listen to a full album or get attached to one artist, but there was something about Anne that got me good.

I was so excited when she agreed to come on the podcast and our conversation doesn’t disappoint. Even as a 20-year-old, our conversation encouraged me as a Momma! When she talks about how her parents raised her, and her own faith journey before and after the death of her big brother, Jacob, I was moved and grateful.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Growing up in the church, but not always loving it
  • Anne’s unexpected journey to singing (which began when she first sang publicly at her brother’s funeral)
  • The art of songwriting and how her creativity works
  • Her heart for the Lord and why she’ll always use music to reach them
  • Anne’s role models and inspirations

Tune in and enjoy one of my favorite episodes of the podcast!

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