In this episode of “Worth Your Time” podcast, I speak with author, speaker and If Gathering Founder Jennie Allen! Years ago, Jennie told God she was up for “ANYTHING” God had for her life — which ultimately led to the If Gathering and her book (which made me fall in love with her!), Anything.

Of course I was so excited to speak with Jennie, after following her work for so long. She’s got a new book and a new children’s book series, which is especially exciting to me as a Mom. In this conversation, I chat with Jennie about her history in ministry, how she stays accountable and faithful as a leader, her new book, Find Your People: Building Deep Community in a Lonely World and her fabulous new children’s series, Theolaby.

It was so exciting to speak with Jennie, a woman of deep faith who is truly making a difference for Jesus in this generation!

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