In this episode of Worth Your Time, I speak with Mikayla Albertson, author of the new book, Ordinary on Purpose: Surrendering Perfect and Discovering Beauty Amid the Rubble.

Mikayla is a family doctor and mom of 5. She lived a life of striving and success, until one day God stopped her in her tracks. She says the world was screaming at her: “Do more! Be more! Have more! You can be perfect!”

Then, her husband became addicted to drugs and life started falling apart. In the midst of the chaos and hardship, Mikayla realized all she really wanted was an ordinary life. All the good, hard, messy, gritty, lovely and beautiful.

God spoke to her about changing her life and she listened. It wasn’t easy, but Mikayla and her family eventually built that “ordinary life” she so longed for and she wants to tell others its possible too! You can follow her journey on Instagram here!

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