Erin Wheeler is a gem and her love for the Christian Church is contagious! After I heard Erin on another podcast, I immediately knew I had to interview her. She’s written a beautiful book on the Church, why it matters, what it’s purpose is and she’s participating in her local church in admirable ways as well.

Her message is one of truth, good doctrine and deep understanding of God’s beloved, His Church — in the form of the local church and the universal Church around the world.

Whether you are new to church or grew up going, you’ll learn something from Erin in this episode. As someone who did grow up in church, I’m shocked by how much I never knew until recently! The more you understand about the purpose of the Church, the more appreciation and understanding you have for it’s incredible value. I consider Erin a partner in this ministry to advocate on behalf of the Bride of Christ, His imperfect but beloved church body!

Recent episodes:

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