Elisha and Angela are friends who grew up together in a very conservative fundamentalist church environment. Hell and damnation were the regular vibe and spiritual abuse ran rampant. The guilt and misguided ways in which their pastors and spiritual leaders taught them made Christianity confusing — and not at all the true way of Jesus.

As they got older, both of then eventually found their way to new avenues of the Christian faith. Over time, they each saw how screwed up their fundamentalist backgrounds really were. Today, they’ve been able to make peace with God but the religious trauma from the past is still there, beneath the surface.

Fundamentalist Church Life

In this conversation, I speak with them both about what they went through, how they reconciled it and where they are today with their faith. As we begin to talk more openly about spiritual abuse and deep church hurt in society, I think some will resonate with their experience.

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