Jessica Hottle is a Christian writer, podcast host, speaker, and coach for women. Her new book, “Face Off With Your Feelings: Break Up with the Lies of Your Past and Embrace the Truth For Your Future” is available for pre-order now on her website.

According to her bio, she “hates rules, restrictions, and religious duties” and lives her life by putting God first, and living authentically, with integrity, and in freedom through Christ. After living through a past where she idolized her body and letting men or work be the source of her value, she made a dramatic change.

Jessica was able to find freedom from the pain of her past by realizing that her worth was only determined by the love of Jesus going to the cross for her. Her perspective as a coach and author is one that encourages women to be wholistically health in spirit, soul AND body.

She loves to help women find freedom from their pasts and healing in their bodies through faith-based fitness coaching, books, and speaking events to create long-term, sustainable results.

I loved chatting with Jessica about her transformation and also about how she’s built a very cool brand and self-published multiple books with major success. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation.

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