When I read an article titled “Acidhead: God Took Me Higher” by Ashley Lande, I was totally enthralled. I hardly ever take the time to read an essay all the way through — especially a long one. But Ashley’s beautiful writing and incredible story drew me in. I immediately found her on social media and invited her on for this episode of the podcast.

I love her story so much. She came from a life of drugs and partying — and Jesus radically transformed both she and her husband. In this interview, Ashley gives me all the details how she got into using drugs and psychedelics, and how one day, God came crashing in.

It’s true — the high of an authentic relationship with Jesus beats the high of any drug. Ashley knows. It’s been years since she’s done drugs, but her story is powerful. Read the article. Listen to the podcast. Follow this girl — she is incredible.

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