Amanda Waldron has a job title that’s very new to the scene: Deconstruction Coach. But not just any Deconstruction Coach. She’s the kind that helps folks rebuild their faith when they are seasons of doubt and distress. A trained social worker, Amanda started to hear more issues related to faith in her professional practice.

It gave her the idea to help more folks struggling online. As many struggle with doubt, church hurt or overcoming past faith struggles, they are in need of guidance. Unfortunately, too many people offering that are leading people away from Christ rather than back to Him.

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Amanda helps people recover the authentic parts of their faith and discover a deeper way to believe. She exposes the parts of Christianity that were never meant to represent God and works with people to overcome myths or misinformation they may be carrying with them unnecessarily.

One of her mantras if “curiosity” over “certainty.” While I’m sure Amanda and I don’t agree on every tactic, this was a fascinating conversation and I truly appreciate the work she is doing to capture those who need the freedom to explore and the space to come back when they are ready. Perhaps you’ll take insight or encouragement from her words today!

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