Jackie Aviles is a young mom who got cancer when she least expected it. She is one of my favorite new online friends. I began following her last year, but it took months to realize she had overcome this insane battle against cancer as the mother of two young children. She recently hit 5 years in remission and the way she tells this story had me in tears.

Jackie is a “Hope Coach” with Go and Tell Gals, a writer working on her first book, and a pastor’s wife at Christ Fellowship Church in Miami.

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Listening to this conversation, you’ll be struck by Jackie’s unshakable faith during one of the scariest times of her life, when she had to tell her little boys that she might soon be going to heaven. She had to grapple with that reality and it was certainly something that could have happened.

By God’s grace, she is alive and healthy today — using her personal story as a way to bring hope and God’s Truth to women around the nation. I was so honored to speak with Jackie — and so incredibly encouraged by what she shared. You will feel empowered and inspired after hearing this episode.

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