Amy Gannett does a lot of things. Being a church planter with her husband is no small task, but in addition to that — she’s an entrepreneur, Bible teacher, online leader and Mom to 1-year-old Emerson. I first discovered Amy through her company, Tiny Theologians, which makes theology cards for young children. You’ve heard me mention it before on the podcast because I love teaching my kids this stuff early.

Amy has quickly become one of my favorite people to follow, precisely because she is so focused on injecting the deep things of God into everyday life. I recently signed up for her Bible Study membership, which includes all kinds of Bible studies with fellow, amazing female Bible teachers.

I love Amy’s commitment to learning and teaching the Word well, through her weekly “Theology Thursdays” videos on Instagram, monthly newsletter and — very exciting — her NEW BOOK, which releases very soon! “Fix Your Eyes: How Our Study of God Shapes Our Worship Of Him” (I pre-ordered!).

Enjoy her wisdom in this episode and be inspired to dig into God’s Word as you never have. As I’ve learned in the past year, theology really is for everyone!

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