In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Phylicia Masonheimer, an author and teacher I have come to love and respect so much in the past year. Phylicia makes learning the Bible and understanding hard issues according to a Biblical worldview accessible to everyone.

She’s a mom of three young kids who has written several books, including “Stop Calling Me Beautiful” and offers multiple online courses in theology basics and leadership. She hosts the popular “Verity” podcast and runs her business, “Every Woman a Theologian” with her husband and a small team of staff. I also love her regular “pop-up shops” where she sells fun, Biblically-based items like t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers and more.

I’m always fascinated at how much Phylicia does, but it’s clear this is her calling and she’s doing such a service for the everyday woman who wants to know God on a deeper level, but doesn’t have time or calling for seminary.

In this conversation, we talk a bit about how Phylicia stays balanced, taking regular month-long social media breaks and trusting in God to sustain her ministry as she cares for her family and her whole body health.

There are so many gems of wisdom in this episode, including the conversation we have about the Church, why it matters and what Phylicia has to say to those who have been hurt or are thinking they don’t need to church to have a thriving relationship with God.

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