Kristen Young is a lot of fun, but she’s also got a lot to say about things like Biblical motherhood and living. By her own description, she’s a “homemaker and a truth speaker” who is wants to encourage Christ followers to live out their faith boldly. She’s a mom of 3 (and pregnant with #4) and has made a name for herself on Instagram in the past year. (Follow her here!)

When Reels became popular, Kristen realized she had knack for capturing hard truths in short, simple statements inside of eye-catching reels. She expounds on the short messages in the caption and sometimes does longer videos and posts for more explanation.

Kristen has spoken out about everything from mandated vaccines to masks to progressive Christianity. In this chat, she talks about how she was resistant to gettin involved in such sticky subjects, but felt God’s call to speak out. After taking some time off of IG in late 2020, she heeded that calling and started making reels and videos as the ideas came to her.

I’ve enjoyed her content and couldn’t wait to hear what was behind her passion!

Recent episodes:

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