Ten years ago, Leah Wacek’s pastor made a bold statement: You can’t out-give God. Generous living would soon become her modus operandi.

She and her family put those audacious words to the test. They soon discovered the truth in the statement. 

“Each time we gave what seemed sacrificial,” writes Leah, “We saw the gift somehow make its way back to us.”

​It started with financial giving, but for their family, it’s become a mission to build generosity into every part of their lives. From dedicating family days with her kids to service projects to saving money for fun, extravagant giving (like purchasing something someone in their community really needs), Leah has made generosity the focus of her faith and life.

Her blog is called “A Generous Life” and she regularly gives away books, sticks $20 bills inside boxes of formula at the grocery store and makes a point to go above and beyond for those around her. It’s not about how much you have, but what you do with what you’ve been blessed with.

I also love that part of her giving method is time-related. They don’t just give away money, but also DAYS — because time and presence matter deeply as well.

Her website is packed with helpful blog posts that can help you and your family start thinking generously on a daily basis. Highly recommend a listen and following her on Instagram!

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