Rachel Pieh Jones has lived overseas for two decades — and in Djbouti no less. She’s American, but these days, more familiar with life in a very different place. In her new book, “Pillars: How Muslim Friends Led Me Closer to Jesus,” she talks about all she has learned.

It was neat to speak with Rachel on IG Live from around the world and to hear what her experiences have meant to her as a Christian. She is not a missionary, but has still had the opportunity to live out her faith and connect meaningfully with the many Muslim friends around her.

So often, we see the meaningful religious rituals demonstrated in religions like Islam, yet don’t have or activate similar kinds of rituals in our own lives. How could our faith grow were we to be as dedicated to Jesus as some are to their own faith? Rachel — who is an incredible writer — has learned a lot and we can all benefit from her wisdom.

You can catch my first interview with Rachel (from March 2020) here, where we discuss her fascinating book, “Stronger Than Death.” Rachel Pieh Jones is one fascinating woman!

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