Michelle Donnelly is the founder of Agape Moms, a unique ministry designed to speak to and equip single moms. Michelle is a single mom of three and she believes that every single mom can discover a life of peace, power, and purpose, right in the middle of what God is carrying them through.

She felt called to minister to women like herself and is providing such an important service. We often hear how the Church doesn’t cater well enough to single moms or nontraditional families. We must do better and we can follow the lead of people like Michelle. Agape Moms is a place women who don’t know where to go can find guidance, community and Godly support.

Even if you are not a single mom, you can learn so much about how to help those in your community. And let’s be honest, all moms can relate on many levels. It was so fun and easy to chat with Michelle — I loved our conversation and. I know you will too!

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