Brittany Estes is a pink-haired (sometimes rainbow-haired) mom of 7 and she radiates joy. Luckily for us, she brings it to the internet to share and I got to chat with her on the “Worth Your Time” podcast. I first met Brittany through a random Instagram connection and now she is one of my favorite people to follow because of her fun, empowering content — including some viral reels and awesome, inspiring messages for young women.

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She is a pastor’s wife, a biological and adopted mom, a writer, a licensesed coach with Jess Connolly’s “Go and Tell Gals” and creator of The Bestie Club. Brittany spreads joy wherever she goes and believes in having fun with your Christian faith. I saw a post on her feed recently that said “Have you ever met someone that was sunshine in human form?” Well, I think we’ve met her!

Enjoy this episode and be sure to follow Brittany on socials! Here’s her Instagram!

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