Christina Crenshaw, Ph.D. is a professor, researcher, writer, and human trafficking fighter.  She’s also a mom of two and someone who recently experienced her own form of “cancel culture” when a group of students at Baylor targeted a tweet she shared, labeling her “transphobic.”

In this episode, we discuss the tweet that turned her world upside down and how she chose not to back down from her beliefs, which stem from her work in trafficking, which often goes back to protecting women’s spaces. As she notes here, the student paper & Baylor had to apologize for her after they wrote an editorial about her tweet. Additionally, she had been on an LGBTQ “safe list” of professors prior to this — and had zero other actions or comments folks could point to that might “prove” she was “transphobic.”

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • Equality Act and Fairness for All Act
  • Critical Theory & Liberation Theology
  • Sex and Gender
  • Cancel culture
  • Progressive Christianity

You don’t want to miss Christina’s insightful thoughts on sex, gender, academia and keeping Biblically rooted in our beliefs and convictions. I have absolutely loved following Christina recently and was thankful to speak with her for this thought-provoking interview.

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