Katharine Hayhoe is a Christian and a climate scientist, as well as the Political Science Endowed Professor in Public Policy and Public Law in the Department of Political Science at Texas Tech University and the Chief Scientist at Nature.org.

In this interview, I speak with Katharine about her work in the world of climate change and environmentalism as a Christian. She is a pastor’s wife and has much to say about why faith and science aren’t in conflict.

In this convo, we discuss:

  • Why the Bible and science aren’t in conflict
  • Why Christians should be the first people to be environmental keepers
  • How climate change & pollution affect the most vulnerable
  • Myths about scientists not being faith-based
  • How the Church can do a better job approaching science

Katharine’s passion and expertise shown through and it was a joy speaking with her. I walked away feeling invigorated and inspired to continue pushing for energy policies and taking actions that will help others and the world at large.

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