Spiritual habits are one of the most important things we can prioritize in our faith lives. They can be small, but they matter so much in providing a foundation for us to grow in.

God gave us so much direction in the Bible and the lives of many spiritual giants before us showcase some of these important spiritual habits as well. I’ve read a LOT of books about this stuff (and written about some of it elsewhere too!) and this list is my attempt to transfer a bit of that knowledge to you, as simply as possible. By the way, highly recommend this book for a deeper dive.

So many people are looking for a jumpstart in their faith. Things often feel stale and COVID hasn’t helped. But spring is coming and it’s time to get back to pursuing what we know is most important in life — the God of the Universe, who is also the God of peace. I hope these habits help you a bit! Let me know!

Spiritual Habits for the Christian

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