*Please note: We had some connection issues, so even after editing, there are several breaks in the audio, but I do not think it affects the convo much!

Devi Abraham is a freelance writer, co-host of “Where Do We Go From Here?” podcast and mom of two living in Australia. Despite living so far away from me here in the United States, Australia is part of Western Christianity and she also grew up in a missionary family. Devi has a lot of fresh thoughts on things like politics, race and culture.

Her podcast description is “untangling sexual ethics for a new generation of Christians,” You can imagine how that caught my attention — and I promptly binged several episodes! She and her co-host, Jessica Van Der Wyngaard (who created the documentary film “I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye” about and with infamous author Joshua Harris) talk about all things human sexuality and break down some of the things the Church or Christian culture may have done wrong in the past.

She also writes about motherhood and is just a delight of a person to speak with!

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