In the latest episode of the “Worth Your Time” podcast, I speak with Ellie Sanazaro, the author of a new children’s book, Image Bearer Book.

When Ellie was pregnant with her first child, she was told her baby had a chromosomal abnormality similar to Down Syndrome. She and her husband prepared to welcome a baby with special needs. After Rosalie was born, they found out the prenatal tests has been wrong.

And yet, Ellie felt God had prepared her heart to be a mom to s child with special needs. Within a few years, she had had another baby and adopted a little boy with Down Syndrome named Finn (who is adorable!). This beautiful story led her to write this book, featuring children with all kinds of special needs.

Don’t miss Ellie’s story here — and be sure to pre-order her book now (I immediately bought 2 copies!). It has such an important, special message we can all teach our children!

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