Jennifer Maggio first became a single mom at the age of 17 years old. She had another child two years later and struggled as a young mom seeking guidance and support. She had been through trauma as a child and wasn’t sure where to find what she needed. Though she left the Church for some time, her faith eventually led her back to a community of believers.

Ultimately, she realized there was something missing: a ministry or support group for single moms. The vast majority fo single parent households in the United States are led by Moms and 67% or more of those families do not attend church. There are both logistical and personal reasons for this high number, but Jennifer knew there was so much women could gain from faithfully meeting with women who could understand their lives.

Life of a Single Mom ministries began with a small group of women at her church and quickly grew to a huge group of women — and Jennifer realized she was on to something. Now, this ministry has served over 400,000 women in the past 10 years! This ministry is so very important today, at a time when there are more single moms than ever before. The Church should be the one stepping up to ensure they know they are cared for, loved and supported.

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