It’s Election Day and humility is about a million miles away. But I kind of wish we’d all bold caps that word — HUMILITY — and look at it before we begin each day. I’ve seen comments from those who think civility is overrated, that looking towards unity is unhelpful, that one’s character is in question if you vote for [Trump/Biden]. People are desperate and frustrated, angry and sad.

It’s easy to forget that in our emotion, we can lose our humility and rather than looking UP, we look inside and all around and we lose our focus. 

Parties and Policies

In the past few weeks, I’ve seen bold declarations from former conservative Republican Christians who now identify as Democrats, imploring friends to understand why they believe Democrat policies are better for protecting a comprehensive pro-life outlook. I’ve seen shaming remarks from proud Trump supporters who are appalled others would consider electing a person who refuses to acknowledge any limits on abortion.

I hear a lot of “certain” rhetoric, as if people have a verification from God that their opinion is the right one.  

And I’m here, in the middle. Always questioning and seeking. I’ve had moments of thinking I could vote for Trump — and moments I swore I couldn’t. I’ve had moments of saying I could vote for Biden and others where I can’t imagine such a thing. I HEAR good, genuine, Jesus-loving people making the case for both sides and I believe they are both doing so in good faith. 

Christians for Trump and Christians for Biden

I can fully comprehend the mind of a Christian Trump supporter, who sees Trump as merely a character in a larger story. It’s not about the man, but about those who will benefit from the policies they believe are best for the country in the long-term. Someone told me it was self-centered not to support him because of HIM and not think of those you believe will benefit from policies you believe in. That made sense to me. 

On the other hand, I empathize deeply with those that believe more government care for the vulnerable through liberal policies are absolutely necessary. A friend noted the common refrain that the Church can’t DO IT ALL. We need both government and Church. And I totally get that. 
Personally, I believe conservative economic policies are best, but I’m willing to admit, I am certain of very little. And I wish more people would be willing to admit the same.

Pro-Life: Democrats or Republicans?

Do Democrats or Republicans have better policies for a comprehensive pro life ethic? It depends on what policies you think best protect and empower life. This is so much more complicated than the simple labels slapped onto particular issues. 

At the end of the day, I couldn’t vote for either candidate. I do not feel 100% certain about this choice, but I had 2 minutes in the voting booth and that’s how I came out.

My message on Election Day is this: Bring humility back into your politics, conversations and relationships. Regardless of who wins today, a little bit of that will go a long way as we move forward together as One Body. 

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