Megan Westra is the author of “Born Again and Again: Jesus’ Radical Call to Transformation” and has a Masters of Divinity. She’s also an activists and advocate for the most vulnerable in our society.

In this episode of the “Worth Your Time” podcast, we talked about:

✔️ Megan’s transformation from growing up as a conservative Christian to transitioning to a more curious faith.

✔️ The importance of pursuing your faith with an open hand and not being afraid to ask hard questions.

✔️ The only very recent history of Christianity become so “personal” and indivualized, rather than public and communal — something I didn’t know until I read her book

✔️ Prioritizing those God prioritizes (the orphan, widow, stranger and impoverished — and the iterations those Biblical references take now) and where, as Megan points out, God actually lives!

✔️ How the Church made us both turn marriage into idol and how we don’t want that for our daughters.

Interested in learning more about Megan? Grab here book here!

You can watch our interview on video below:

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