Join me for a conversation with my friend Angelise Schrader, a writer and mom of almost 3 — her third is due in a few weeks — and also mother to a little boy battling cancer.

Today, I speak with Angelise about her son’s diagnosis at the age of 18 months, and the journey they’ve been on as the cancer has left and returned three times. As I’ve watched Angelise through this from afar online, I’ve been fascinated and inspired by her great faith in God to uphold her family.

In this conversation, she reveals what it felt like to get that first diagnosis, how she manages her emotions each day and how her son inspires her with his strength and faith in God, as well. We also talk about handling decisions in marriage when you disagree, as well as Angelise’s wholistic view of faith and life.

She’s working on publishing her first book, about making space for God to move in the hard moments, and I cannot wait to read it. Don’t miss this beautiful conversation. Connect with Angelise on her blog, Wholistica, here.

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