Alexandra Hoover is on fire right now. As an author, speaker, writer, ministry leader and Mom, she feels called by God to lead women with words and truth. Her regular writing on social media inspires women daily and cuts through the self-help lies to remind us we are only who we are through Jesus.

She just announced a book deal for 2022 and recently released a devotional, as well as a regular IGLive show “Hard and Holy,” as well as being a regular guest on other people’s shows. I loved speaking with her about her passion for women and for the local church.

We talk about why the imperfect church matters so much and how church hurt plays a part in keeping people away. What’s the difference between the big C church and the little c church & what should people think about?

She’s been parenting through COVID in an area that is still completely virtual so working full time, writing and parenting three kids has been a stressful time. We discuss what she’s learned int he past 6 months, as well as what and who is fill her up right now.

Recent Episodes:

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