Motherhood and the Gospel? Do they go together? Laura Wifler is an author, podcaster and co-founder and Executive Director of Risen Motherhood — and she says yes.

I chatted with her for this edition of the “Worth Your Time” podcast focused on Mommas. There’s a lot of ground do cover in that topic, but we attempted to get to some of it!

How can we apply to the Gospel to every aspect of our lives — even the Bible doesn’t have a verse specifically about potty training, temper tantrums or middle school woes? How can we approach our marriages with the right attitude and keep the larger pespective of God’s redemption and forgiveness over our lives in the end?

Laura’s Godly wisdom was such a blessing to me today! I’m so inspired by she and her sister-in-law, Emily Jensen, and how they’ve built such a beautiful ministry. It’s no wonder it’s grown so quickly and become such a beloved resource for women acrosss the world.

This convo seriously inspired to me to grab a couple of copies of their book:

Motherhood and the Gospel go together in more ways than you think and I hope after listening, you’ll see that even more clearly.

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