Comparison is the thief of joy. We’ve all heard it — and my guest today — Richella Parham — has lived it. She’s a mom of three, and writer and author of the book, “Mythical Me: Finding Freedom From Constant Comparison.” Throughout her life, Richella has struggle with comparison — from appearance to achievements to personality traits. As an adult, she finally found a breakthrough and writes about the many cultural and spiritual myths so many women believe to their detriment.

In today’s interview, I chat with Richella about growing up with a rare skin condition that she felt set her apart, and how that contributed to her comparison mindset. We also talk about how she’s dealt with the health conditions her children have endured and she was able to get through extremely tough moments as a Mom.

Richella has a beautiful heart and a refreshing perspective that we can all learn from. I truly enjoyed this conversation and know you will take so much from it!

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