Casper Ter Kuile’s new book, “The Power of Ritual: Turning Everyday Activities Into Soulful Practices,” is so timely. He’s been researching community, ritual and connection for years — and his work has become so popular that it really demanded book form!

In today’s interview, we talk about how things like SoulCycle and CrossFit became sort of “religious” in their followings. As people have left traditional religion, they have sought other ways of connecting. Unfortunately, many people haven’t found those communities, but Casper hops to reinvigorate the search for community and finding sacredness in everyday life.

While I still believe the Church is the very best form of community, it certainly isn’t the only place to find relationship and support structure. In a nation severely disconnected — and suffering extreme mental health woes and loss of faith because of it — the ideas Casper promotes are more important than ever.

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