My episode today is with Sharon Hodde Miller, author, speaker, church planter, mom — and a very wise soul in my opinion. In Sharon’s latest book, “Nice,” she covers the concept of Christian “niceness” and how we’ve confused being “nice” with being a Christ follower.

This episode was recorded just before COVID and definitely before the recent racial justice protests in our country, but I found so much of it extremely relevant to the current conversation. We have a responsibility as Christians to speak out for justice. We discuss how Jesus approach situations like the ones we are seeing today. It always helps to consider the age old question: What would Jesus do?

Sharon enlightens me on why she values the Church s much — and why it’s so important for Christians to cherish it to — even when they’ve been hurt or disappointed by it. I have long appreciated Sharon’s thoughtful, nuanced commentary on social media and encourage you to give her a follow as well,

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